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Soil Field Test

  • Geo Electrical (Geolistrik)



  • Shallow and Deep Booring, Standart Penetration Test (SPT), Ducth Cone Penetrometer test / Sondir, Dynamic  Cone Penetrometer Test for CBR

Soil Laboratory Test                   

  • Triaxial Test., Unconfined Compression Test (UCT).,Direct Shear Test .Consolidation Test, Sieve Size Analysis ,Atterberg Test ,Specific Gravity ,Hydrometer Test
Bore Pile (#30,40,50,60,70,80cm)
Specialist for Bore Pile with medium capacity (9-13.5 HP engine)


Geotechnical Problem Design

  • Foundation Engineering Design, Slope Stability Design, Foundation and SLope Stability Software, Teodolite

Software Used

  • Slide 6, AllPile 7 Software, Plaxis 3D, Novo SPT